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City: Sainte-Euphémie

This restaurant, located near the park of Cibeins, has a shady terrace.
Specialities : froglegs, small fry, carps and chicken in cream.

Phone : 04 74 00 60 10.

City: Attignat

The charm of an old Bresse farm where wood and stone are mixed to taste gourmet cuisine ... The awarded chef likes to concoct specialties of this beautiful region: frogs, Bresse chicken with cream...

Phone : 04 74 30 92 24.

City: Jassans-Riottier

The Embarcadere Restaurant managed by Michelin star chef Georges Blanc, is located in a 5 hectare park just across the River Saône from Villefranche-sur-Saône between Dombes and Beaujolais, where you will find the finest home cooked country cuisine.

Phone : 04 74 07 07 07.

City: Ars-sur-Formans

Ideally situated between the regions of Dombes & Saône and Beaujolais in Arc-sur-Formans the Régina Restaurant offers a wide range of Dombiste, Bressan and Lyonnais specialities that are prepared with great skill and dedication by the Régina’s chefs.

Phone : 04 74 00 73 67.