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Interpretation Centre
City: Trévoux

Come and explore the heritage, architecture and landscapes of the "Land of Art and History" Trévoux Saône Valley at Le Carré Patrimoines with models, photos, videos and more. It's also home to Trévoux Hospital's apothecary.

Phone : 04 74 00 36 32.

City: Ars-sur-Formans

The museum has 35 wax models by Grévin telling the story of St. John Vianney of Ars in 17 pivotal scenes. It was taken over by the Council with support from the Rhône-Alpes Region and State.

City: Romanèche-Thorins

The first oenology park in the Beaujolais. Wine-lovers, history enthusiasts or garden lovers...treat yourself to the generous and varied nature of this really exceptional property.

Phone : 03 85 35 22 22.

City: Dardilly

Jean-Marie Vianney was born here on May 8th, 1786 and stayed until the age of 20. He was then promoted to parish priest in Ars-en-Dombes in February 1818. Property of one of his great-grandnephews, the period furniture and fittings (18th century) remain.

Phone : 04 78 66 19 09.

City: Parcieux

Maison Eclusière on the banks of the Saône is ideal for relaxing and exploring with exhibitions (April-October), L'Escale des Thés café and bike and canoe hire.

Phone : 04 74 00 36 32.